Why Prefer A Professional Electrician Over DIY

Why Prefer A Professional Electrician Over DIY

There are many DIY tips videos on YouTube and articles about things you can do without the need of a professional in your home. Some of the popular videos are on how you can do various home electrical projects yourself. Although these tips are meant to save you money, they can also expose you to a lot of problems, including injuries. 

Electrical projects can be dangerous, no matter how small and simple they may appear. Whether you are remodelling, constructing an addition to your home, or building a new home, hire an electrician. In this professional electrician vs DIY guide, we are providing you with 10 reasons why you should work with a professional.  

1. Safety Concerns 

One of the biggest reasons why you should prefer a professional electrician to DIY projects is safety. What most homeowners may not know is how dangerous electricity is, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. You can get electrocuted, which can cause serious injuries or even death. That’s one of the reasons why you should avoid DIY electrical projects, especially if you don’t know how electricity works. Electricians are trained on how to take precautions to improve on-the-job safety.  

2. Long-term Safety 

Your home’s electrical system safety is paramount. When you choose DIY projects and don’t have the knowledge about electrical safety, you will be exposing yourself to future problems. You might have serious fire hazards in the future if the job is not done well. But hiring a professional electrician to fix your electrical issues guarantees long-term safety. Professionals will ensure safety as the number one priority, something that a DIY project doesn’t. 

3. Getting It Right 

When you choose to fix electrical problems, yourself using the YouTube video, you will never know whether you have done everything right. In most cases, these videos do not provide the professional skills to check whether the job was done right. In addition to that, DIY tips might be seen so simple on the tutorials, but doing the actual job becomes a challenge. But when working with an electrician, they will get the job done right. There is no electrical problem that is too big for a trained electrician. 

4. Training and Education 

Most people don’t understand what it takes to be a professional technician. You need to study for about four years to perfect the art and also gain the necessary skills. Therefore, there is a lot of learning for one to get a license to be an electrician. This is not the knowledge that you can get by just watching a five-minute video or reading an article on DIY tips. So, by hiring a professional licensed electrician, you will be hiring years of experience.  

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5. Troubleshooting Ability 

No article that you read or tutorial you watch on DIY electrical tips will give the ability to troubleshoot electrical problems. Most of the electrical problems have a source which if not fixed, then you will have the same problem recurring. But with a professional handling your electrical system issues, troubleshooting is their speciality. They will find the source of the problem and fix it permanently. That is the reason why their skills are highly valued in the industry. 

6. Do The Right Job 

One of the biggest problems with the DIY electrical problems tips is messing up the system. Some of the people that try these tips end up messed their electrical system up. A significant percentage of these people create short circuits in the system hence causing more damages. But with a professional electrician, these are some of the problems you will avoid. With their troubleshooting skills, they will only handle the right issue. 

7. Saves Money  

One of the biggest reasons why most people opt for DIY projects is to save money. What they don’t know to realise is that these projects will cost them money in the long run. Because of the poor troubleshooting, you will have the problem recurring if not causing more electrical damages. But with a professional electrician, they will fix the problem permanently without causing damages. You, therefore, you won’t have the problem to recurring, and if it does, they offer guarantees on their work. 

8. Protect Your Devices 

One of the common characteristics of DIY electrical problems is poorly done electrical circuits. Some of these circuits can cause damages to the appliance and electronic devices in the house. Short circuits are the most common electrical system problems resulting from poor workmanship. You can avoid such problems by hiring a professional electrician. They will design a quality circuit system to improve protection for your devices. They also know the perfect breakers for every appliance and device. 

9. Avoid Stress 

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Nothing can be stressful as working on a project that you don’t have proper knowledge about. It is easy to read or watch DIY electrical system fixing tips, but doing the actual job can be stressful. Sometimes, things may not go as planned, and this could create a very stressful situation. Imagine how you would feel doing DIY wiring only to damage your appliances or messing up other circuits. But with a licensed electrician, you will avoid stress. They will work on the project professionally, and you will have nothing to worry about. 

10. Insurance Cover 

Insurance cover is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional electrician. Professional electricians are insured against various damages while in their line of duty. That includes an appliance or device or even part of the house that could get damaged. These are benefits that you don’t get when working on DIY projects. 

DIY projects are good, but only when you have the necessary electrical skills. The project should also be simple, e.g., changing a faulty socket or switch, but not installing circuits. However, we recommend that you hire a professional electrician no matter how small the electrical problem may appear to be.