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NTK Energy is always challenged to provide its customers complete, safe, quality, and reliable electrical services. It has already become a commitment to help.

For years, we have managed to grow our family of certified electricians, and we have gone on a 24-hour availability for our customers in Brisbane and the nearby areas.

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Our Team of Electricians

Jordan Earsman

Master Electrician

Riley Bowmaker

CEO, Head of Operations & Services

Oscar Krome

Master Electrician

George Hansman


Steve Reynolds

Journeyman Electrician

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We love providing our customers with a detailed and reliable service in terms of almost all activities or projects that deal with the electrical system in Brisbane.

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Contact us today and let's set up an appointment in order to discuss the services that you need. We'll be sending you a competitive quotation right after we talk, or an ocular inspection by our team if needed. Then you decide when the project is to proceed.

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What People Say

“These guys from NTK helped us with our problems at home when we just moved in. They’re just on-call and they charge reasonable rates, highly recommended!”

Andrea Mathews


“Very satisfied. Our house needed electrical system overhaul during renovation and finding these guys from a friend of a friend, life was made simple. Keeping these guys’ contacts surely is a gem for me and my wife”

Adam Wilson

IT Manager

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